I moustache you a question. What is the meaning of No Shave November or Movember?

What Causes do Movember and No Shave November Support?

Did you know the movement started, solely, as an effort to raise awareness for men’s health? In fact, the first organized event was held in Australia in 2003 to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancers. The first participants grew mustaches and coined the term "Movember". Who doesn’t love growing a solid handlebar mustache for the health and welfare of all men?

Since then the movement (and facial hair) has grown worldwide. Now millions of men are showing up for work on November 1st with clean shaven baby faces to support local, national, and worldwide charities and organizations. The Movember movement alone has raised $994 million in the past 17 years.

Handlebar Moustache and New Beard Growth

So simply stated...
The goal = Raise awareness for men’s health  

The task = Shave on November 1 and then don’t shave until the end of November  

Your face goes from a sandwich eater on November 1 to your very own your sandwich board to help promote awareness and raise money for men’s health and well-being.

How Can We Help the Movember Cause?

This, my friend, is our forte.

First and foremost, we will be donating 10% of all sales to the Movember organization through November 15.

Secondly, we will be offering 20% off of all your purchases in our shop through November 15.

Thirdly, we have the knowledge to help you along the way whether you're growing an epic handlebar mustache or just trying to fight the itch of new beard growth.

Man Scratching Itchy Beard

How Do You Prepare For No Shave November?

What Mod Cabin products could best assist you in your march to glory and the best November beard or mustache in your neighborhood or office?

For those of you growing the mustache to rule all mustache, our Moustache Kit has you covered from the Handlebar to the Fu Manchu. Our moustache wax is an all-natural firm hold wax perfect for holding your styled whiskers or simply keeping whiskers out of your mouth. Select Wax No. 1 for a firm hold or Wax No. 2 for a more pliable wax and grow a crowd stopping mustache while supporting a great cause. You can find them all here.

For those going for the Grizzly Adams look (my personal favorite), search no further than our full-on beard kit. Our Core Beard Kits come with our follicle nourishing beard oil, beard thickening beard balm, hot processed soap, and mustache wax. Our beard oil and balm will keep you from experiencing the dreaded beard and face itch which dooms most epic beards before they push past the “did you forget to shave this morning” inquiries. By applying the balm and oil to your fresh new growth and skin you can avoid the itch and flakes others will have to battle.

Core Beard Kit to Help Fight Beard Itch
These products and kits will truly give you the edge in the quest for the best No Shave November facial hair. Today is the day. Put your razor and shaving cream in the drawer. It is time to join men across the world letting their facial hair grow for a great cause.