Solid cologne may seem mysterious, but it's as easy to use as the splash or spray cologne you're used to - even easier perhaps. Plus, it's easier to travel with, and natural solid cologne doesn't contain synthetic fragrances that often cause headaches. All good reasons to learn how to use it.

Think back to a time you noticed a cologne or perfume that caught your attention. Maybe it was someone you were dating. Maybe it was someone you wanted to date. Maybe it was an attractive stranger. Maybe it was simply too strong.


I imagine you were able to conjure a person, scent, and situation in your mind fairly quickly.

The image or moment which popped into your head exemplifies the power of cologne. It also might exemplify the power of too much cologne. Which brings us to the first rule.


Rule #1 - Do Not Overdo It

With most colognes this is the most important rule, however with natural solid cologne from The Mod Cabin, the first rule is to throw out Rule #1. You don't have to worry about accidentally using too much solid cologne, because it's easy to control how much you're applying. Plus, the natural essentials oils in our solid cologne are subtle and never too heavy.
So with this in mind, we’re ready to dive in. It is time to apply The Mod Cabin Solid Cologne.


How Do You Apply Natural Solid Cologne

You can use one of two methods to remove the natural cologne from the tin.

1. Slide the tin lid back and rub your finger gently in a circular motion on the top of the cologne. This circular motion will warm the cologne and distribute a small amount on your finger.

2. Use the back of your thumbnail to scrape out a small amount.

The Mod Cabin Backwoods Solid Cologne - natural solid cologne

Where Do You Apply Solid Cologne

Now you need to decide where to apply this cologne. Should you apply it directly to your skin or your clothes?

Applying cologne directly to your skin allows the all natural essential oils in the cologne to blend with your body’s natural oils. It might take some time and testing to find the perfect scent and ideal amount for your body and skin type.
But where is the best spot on the skin to apply natural cologne?

By applying solid cologne to the areas of your body which are a little warmer, your body temperature will help diffuse the scent into the air like an essential oil diffuser or vaporizer, which will magnify and intensify the smell of your cologne. By taking advantage of your natural body heat you can use less cologne to get the desired effect.

These warmer areas on your body are called pulse points. The pulse points are where your blood vessels are closest to the skin. Take a second to press your fingers to your inner wrist or neck and feel the slightest temperature difference from other areas of your body. There are nine common pulse points, but three of these pulse points are perfect for cologne application. They are found on your neck, chest, and inner wrists - but feel free to experiment with cologne application on the other six pulse locations.

When Should You Apply Solid Cologne

You can apply your all natural solid cologne anytime that is convenient to do so. It comes in a small slide top tin that can be easily carried in your pocket, and reapplied as desired. For best results be sure to apply it when you first get out of a warm shower or bath when your skin and pores are clean. This will allow the cologne time to blend better with your body’s own oils and scents.
Follow these four simple steps to get the most out of your cologne...and be the awesome smelling person someone remembers fondly for a long time.