How do you stop beard itch? This is a question we get asked often. Here are a few tips that should help you ditch that beard itch presented by Drew from YouTube channel Drew's Obsessions.


1. Exfoliate - Use your fingertips to massage the skin under your beard when washing your beard. Gently using your fingernails will exfoliate dead skin, and the massaging motion will help improve circulation to the skin. Alternatively you can use a washcloth, but be careful not to be too rough on your beard hair.
2. Dry - This seems obvious, but it's often overlooked. Some men make the mistake of not drying their beard thoroughly and the trapped water can cause flaky or itchy skin. Make sure your beard is completely dry. But don't make the mistake of using a towel roughly. Press the towel into the beard. Do not roughly rub it against your beard, as this can break hair follicles. Also, if you feel it necessary to blow drow your beard only do this occasionally as the heat can damage and dry out your beard. 

3. Beard Oil - Use beard oil twice a day. After washing and drying your beard, and then again before bed. 

4. Brushing - Brushing a couple times a day with a stiff boar bristle brush will also help exfoliate the skin and stimulate blood flow to the skin. 
Dry Skin Tip: If your skin is very dry you can forego soap and use our Cleansing Oil. It cleanses your skin and beard without drying them out or leaving them greasy. Use it just like a face or body wash, without the lather.