Meet our featured Mod Cabin Man and friend, Dr. Cory Gall! Cory is a scientist doing some important work. Not only is he an interesting fellow, but he happens to be an all around good guy, too!

Hello all! I am Dr. Cory Gall, Mod Cabin Man, and a bearded scientist! Officially, I am a clinical laboratory director, but I love science so much that I am also a research scientist in my spare time. 


What is your research focus?
My research focuses on diseases that are caused by bugs! These bugs include mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks (which aren’t really a bug). It may sound strange, but I’m attempting to find ways to keep these bugs healthy. If you think about it, no matter how much bug-spray we use, we can’t stop awful bugs from biting us. Therefore, let’s try to make as many bugs disease-free – so you don’t get sick when they bite you.

What are your research goals?
My goals include saving the world, one bug at a time. My current research takes place in Africa, where I am exploring how to combat tick-borne diseases. Overall, I want to develop tools for rural villages to limit their exposure to disease-causing insects and ticks. 

Favorite part of science?
The best part of science is there are endless questions that need to be answered. If you love problem solving and exploring the unknown than you may want to investigate a career in the sciences.

What’s life outside science?
Outside of the laboratory, I am a family man - I have a significant other and three daughters (yes three of them!). We enjoy relaxing, spending time outdoors, and exploring nature. Additionally, I am a competitive beardsman and just won my first competition in Spokane, Washington.

What are your Mod Cabin essentials?
I’ve been using Mod Cabin for many years now. I’ve used every scent and beard product. My daily beard care includes Wild Hunt body soap with rotating Honeysuckle and Gunbarrel beard oil and balm. I do like switching up the scents to keep things fresh. I cannot stress the importance of using the boar’s hair brush and detangling comb. These are truly essentials for a great beard!

What does it mean to be a Mod Cabin Man?
To me, being a Mod Cabin Man means representing all that encompasses being a bearded gentleman – responsible, respectful, hardworking, loving, and bearded. 

What’s your life motto?
Leave the world a better place than you found it.

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