It’s the new year, and while the dust is slowly settling on our New Year’s resolutions I can’t help but wonder, am I going to stick to them this time, or am I just hopping on that “self improvement” bandwagon with the rest of America’s Betterment 2020 hopefuls?

This is deep stuff. Too deep for this beard grooming and face shaving blog.

This picture signifies how not-serious of a blog we are.

While we can’t help you lose weight or make you nicer to your co-workers, we CAN make sure you have one less thing to worry about while you’re busy getting your goals on: Soap.

We Have a 2020 Self Care Solution.

If you’re like me, soap is an afterthought. It’s down there with toilet paper: I don’t want to think too much about it, but when I don’t, shit gets real and I end up cursing my reptile brain for not remembering such a life necessity.
That’s why The Mod Cabin presents…


Subscription services for all our best-selling beard, shaving, and body soaps! ?

The Mod Cabin Honeysuckle Soap
Yes, your favorite soaps -- cheaper!

Just set it and forget it! Ok, more like subscribe and let… live? What we’re trying to say is, to get the best f*cking beard, shaving, and body soap there is, all you have to do is visit the shop and select “subscribe and save” on your favorite Mod Cabin products to get 20% OFF our all natural, old fashioned, hot-processed, Colorado-made, adjective-worthy soap. That’s 20% off top-shelf (metaphorical digital shelves, but shelves, nonetheless) beard and shaving products delivered to your door every 1, 2, or 3 months..
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Set and forget your favorite products with our new subscription service | The Mod Cabin

This is where you set it and forget it

Why is our soap so worthy?

Let us count the ways:

  • It helps prevent dry skin. (It's the glycerin. Yes, the same stuff Bush was singing about in the mid-90s but he was talking about it as a metaphor for an ingredient in explosives, not soap, of which it is both.)
  • It creates a creamy lather for a super-slick, close shave
  • It’s the perfect beard soap (it conditions your beard and moisturizes your skin, bro)
  • It’s sustainable (palm oil free, plant-based, cruelty-free) and scented with only essential oils (no synthetic garbage)

Soap Pack for Body Beard and Shaving


You didn't think soap could look this rugged, did you? Just wait till you smell it. ?️


Our soap subscription is awesome for:

  • Humans with reptilian brains (See: all of us) who forgot to buy soap again
  • Men who like to save money but not in that “let me enter this coupon code” sort of way
  • Men who just put “managing time better” on their New Year’s Resolutions

Our soap subscription is NOT good for….

  • Actual reptiles
  • People who willfully don’t want to save money
  • People who like longer to-do lists
Graphic: Reptiles don't need soap. But you do. Save 20% by subscribing to The Mod Cabin's new soap service

Oh shit. I almost forgot to tell you.

This subscription service is available for all of our products!


A few customer favorites:

Are you subscribing and saving? Let us know which products are making you go ??? in the comments.