You’re ready to make that big life change.

No, I don’t mean settling down -- I mean growing that beard.

Yes, you’ve thought about it long enough. It’s time to embrace the rugged look -- and the minimal maintenance that comes with it.

What if it grows in patchy? What if I have scraggly strays? What if it’s itchy?

Look, having a beard isn’t the equivalent of just letting it all go. The bearded look of today offers sophistication along with masculinity -- it can be just as refined and polished as the clean cut look.

Beards: A masculine trend that existed before there were trends. Keeps you warm, too.

That is, if you take care of it. And taking care of it will take care of the patchiness, strays, and itchiness too.

Here’s how to care for your beard, in a nutshell.

Beard Care 101

Step 1: Wash Your Beard Daily

The Mod Cabin All Natural Soap

How to wash your beard: Use fingertips to gently scrub the skin beneath your beard to help remove any dead skin cells that have accumulated. This helps to clear pores, and stimulates blood flow to the surface of your skin, which promotes healthy hair growth. Rinse well with warm water.

This may be an obvious step, but here’s the not-so obvious part: It shouldn’t be the only step AND it’s REALLY important to use the right soap. Commercial soaps of any kind, while inexpensive and have been loyally used by you since you were a wee boy, are filled with artificial ingredients that aren’t good for your skin (or your junk). Also, they dry out your skin (and junk) because they are mostly devoid of glycerin, a natural humectant (read: thing that keeps your skin hydrated) that is removed from commercial soaps to be used in more profitable products like lotions and creams.

Our soap is all-natural, filled with glycerin, smells amazing, and is great as a beard, shaving, AND body soap. Seriously, it’s like a gourmet slather for all your parts.

Step 2: Apply (the Right) Beard Oil

Man Holding The Mod Cabin All Natural Beard Oil

How to use beard oil: Gently towel dry beard and remove tangles with a detangling comb. Dispense a dime sized amount of beard oil into hand and rub between palms. Massage oil evenly into beard and skin to nourish beard at the root. Use more for longer, thicker beards.

Your beard (everyone’s beard) has a tendency to dry out, causing Brittle Beard Syndrome* and Itchy Face Disease*. The first step (within.. Step 2…) against this is an all-natural beard oil that won’t clog your pores but WILL moisturize your face and beard. The right oil will even help your beard grow in thicker and fuller (yes, REALLY.) by moisturizing your follicles, which will stimulate growth(!) and prevent breakage. Our best-selling beard oil has been recommended by Men’s Journal, Outside Magazine, and GQ and has hundreds of rave reviews. With a range of scents made from only pure essential oils, we know you’ll find your favorite and get hooked. Benefit of getting hooked: Subscribe and save 20%.
*not real things


Step 3: Apply Beard Balm

The Mod Cabin Sweetheart Beard Balm Open

How to use beard balm (the 3rd and final step of our beard care routine): Use back of thumbnail to scrape out a pea to dime sized amount of beard balm and rub between palms to emulsify. Spread balm through beard from root to tip. Brush through with a natural bristle brush to help distribute balm evenly and shape beard to your liking.

Beard oil is like a daily must-use conditioner for your beard. Beard balm is there to make sure your now-soft, thick beard stays put and keeps the strays in line. Our all-natural balm is made with shea butter and beeswax, which works to seal in moisture for your beard AND your face. Yes, you’re going to want to rub this balm into your face on those cold winter days and nights, and it also works great as an aftershave! (We really feel like this triple-duty product deserved that !.)

Step 4: Spray Lacquer All Over Your Face*

You worked hard to get here. Now make sure your beard keeps looking baller by taking some heavy duty lacquer from Home Depot and just spraying that shit all over your face. There. That beard ain’t going nowhere now.
* this is not a real step


We Bid You Good Luck

You have the tips. Here are the tools. Good luck, and let us know if you have any questions (you know, down below in the comments).