One thing about parenthood: Sacrifice is part of the gig. Our dads give so much to us, it’s hard to know what we can do in return to care for them, especially if they aren’t near.

Help your father take care of himself and his daily shaving, beard, and grooming routine with automatic shipments of premium, all natural products from The Mod Cabin.


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It’s simple and easy: Find your dad’s Mod Cabin favorites and select the frequency of shipment: every 1, 2, or 3 months. It’ll give dad one less thing to worry about and an easy way to keep his grooming game up.

How to subscribe and save 20% off on The Mod Cabin: First select your scents, then select your frequency of shipment every 1, 2, or 3 months.


Dad new to The Mod Cabin? Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for dads.

A Year’s Worth of the Best Soap Ever

The Mod Cabin Miners Mint Soap

We don’t take claims like this lightly, and we stand behind our suds. Our soap 3-packs are a customer favorite, and our birch tar soap gets the highest praises for its exceptional cleaning qualities, it’s smoky-yet-subtle scent, and it’s positive effects on common skin issues including acne and psoriasis (we thank naturally-occurring salicylic acid for that). Add other scents like sweetheart and miner’s mint for a variety of amazing smelling, old-fashioned soap that works amazingly well as body soap, beard soap, and shave soap. Check out our 3-packs here, and simply select your bar soap scents to see your options for monthly, bi-monthly, or tri-monthly soap gifting.


Beard Care Essentials

The Mod Cabin Beard Oil Tester Vials
Treat your dad to our all natural beard oils. Featured in multiple men’s magazines and a #1 customer favorite, our beard oils match the PH of your natural oils, which nourishes your skin without blocking your pores and keeps your beard healthy and soft. Subscribe to get dad a year’s worth of beard care -- check out our tester vials or beard balm kits to let him test out scents, or grab a core beard kit or beard care set to keep him stocked on several essentials at once.


Shaving Essentials

If your dad is still shaving with foam, treating him to an old fashioned shave with a safety razor and shave soap can be a gentle way of letting him know he could up his game. We recommend these razors and these soaps from our store.

Shave soap goes a long way to make your skin slick enough for your razor to gently glide over your follicles, not just bombard your face with a thick lather that will ultimately dry you out. For the ultimate shave, we recommend shave oil, which is actually used in combination with shave soap to provide a gentle shave for sensitive or troublesome skin. Afterwards, we like alcohol-free aftershaves that soothe and hydrate skin, like our aftershave balm.

Wondering which product would be best for YOUR dad? Let us know in the comments.