Let’s face it: The skin on your face doesn’t act like the skin on the rest of your body. There are a number of things that set it apart from other parts, mainly that it’s thinner than the skin on the rest of your body, it’s more easily exposed to the sun, and it’s oilier. It’s also more sensitive to hormonal changes in the body. Add facial hair and shaving to the mix and it’s no wonder your face can be a hotspot for skin problems!

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Beard or no beard, your face needs extra love and care to be its best self.

Show Your Face You Care

If you’re new to the game of caring for your skin, we have just the tool for you: This list of basic skin care practices to help your face stay even-toned, healthy, and smooth.

Skin Care Basics

1) Wash Your Face with a Natural Cleanser

Your face produces extra oil (called sebum) to keep your skin from drying out. If you strip your face of its oils, which can easily happen when you use conventional soap, your glands will go into overdrive, producing excess oil and contributing to acne and shiny skin.

There are two easy ways to avoid this one is to use a natural soap that contains plenty of natural glycerin. Glycerin will help keep your face hydrated and your oil levels more balanced. Our beloved hot-processed birch tar soap isn’t only packed with glycerin it contains naturally-occurring salicylic acid, which deeply cleanses pores by dissolving and clearing dead skin cells and also reduces inflammation and redness.

Another option: An oil cleanser. We know, it sounds counterintuitive to dab your face with oil if you want to prevent oil-causing issues like acne and blocked pores. But hear us out: The right oil cleanser will actually maintain the appropriate amount of oil on your skin while slowly swapping out sebum and dirt for clean oils that match your PH. Check out our all natural cleansing oil, good for all skin types.

The Mod Cabin Cleansing Oil

2) Use a Toner to Help Even Skin Tone and Tighten Pores

Have an uneven skin tone, dark spots or red splotches? A spray toner can even it all out, shrink pores, and deeply moisturize your skin. Try our all natural aloe-infused Face Tonic, made with witch hazel to tighten your skin and help it glow.

3) Shave Correctly

A sharp blade, super-gliding soap, and shave oil go a long way to treating your face while you’re getting rid of (or sculpting) your facial hair. Get the ins and outs of shaving correctly here on our blog it is the #1 thing you can do to prevent ingrown hairs, so trust us when we say it’s worth a read!

4) Use a Natural Aftershave

After your perfect shave, treat your face to a shea butter-rich aftershave. A tiny bit goes a long way to nourishing your skin after being bladed. It’s whipped, scented with essential oils, and 100% alcohol free. Bonus: It doubles as a neck and face moisturizer.

5) For the Bearded: Use a Quality Beard Oil

Beard oil conditions your beard to prevent breakage, promote growth, and soften your face. It’s the #1 must-have beard growing item!

6) Extra Grimey or Need a Pick-Me-Up? Try a Mud Mask

It can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly whatever your time frame, you owe your mug some extra love with the occasional face mask. This all-natural formula has our mechanic and sous-chef customers extra happy: It cuts through grease and grime, deeply cleanses pores, and offers a bright aromatherapy experience with juniper, grapefruit, and nutmeg essential oils. All this power and yet, it’s still gentle enough to maintain that ever-important oil ratio on your face. If you’re not into masks, you can use weekly as an exfoliating face scrub (almond-meal provides the grit).
What’s your favorite skin care tips? Let us know in the comments.