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Spread cheer this season by gifting the men in your life all-natural self care products they can use in their daily lives. We’re talking about our best-selling, customer-raving beard and shave bundles from The Mod Cabin.

Our products are hand-crafted in small batches for utmost quality and, most importantly, they work as promised. Here are just a few reviews from our happy customers:

I researched and tried several products before I found The Mod Cabin. I have to say it is by far the best. Kevin C.
After many google searches and reading of many reviews I came across this glorious site! I bought my husband a core beard kit and it's exactly what he was looking for! He gets so many compliments and most importantly I love it! Anna H. 
All of the products I received from Mod Cabin Grooming Co. are just what I have been searching months for. The Core Beard Kit helped me tame and train my beard, and I receive lots of compliments now. Looking forward to using for many years to come. Jermaine S.

Bearded or not, we’ve got the men in your life covered!

Make your friends Mod Cabin Men and save money at the same time with our best-selling gift bundles.

The Core Beard Kit

Core Beard Kit from The Mod Cabin

For the bearded friends and family in your life, we have the perfect gift: The Core Beard Kit. Our #1 best-seller comes with everything you need for your beard journey, whether you just started growing one or have had one for a while. Plus, all our products are travel-friendly and TSA compliant!

Our Core Beard Kit includes:

  • A bar of our hot-processed soap. You can select any scent you like, but we recommend our customer favorite: Birch Tar Soap. There’s nothing else like it on the market. Wild-harvested birch tar gives it a smoky, masculine scent that comes on a bit strong but leaves you smelling like you were sitting around a campfire, and its naturally-occurring salicylic acid gets you clean without stripping your skin of its natural oils. The benefits of birch tarhave been known for ages, and our customers tell us it does wonders for skin issues like acne and psoriasis. It also makes a great face and body soap.
  • Beard Oil. After you’ve washed your face and beard, applying beard oil is an essential step in keeping your beard or stubble manageable, healthy, and not itchy! Our nourishing oils come in 9 scents Gunbarrel, Miner's Mint, and Honeysuckle are our customers’ favorites and have been touted by Esquire, Men’s Journal, and Outside Magazine. Made with only a handful of all-natural ingredients, never tested on animals, and scented with only essential oils (no questionable, synthetic fragrances that can irritate your skin) we KNOW you will love this oil.
  • Beard Balm. Perfect for winter, beard balm seals in moisture and makes beards look fuller and thicker. It also helps style longer beards and tame stray hairs. Like the oil, our beard balm does double duty as face moisturizers and aftershave.
  • Moustache Wax. We’ve got a strong-hold wax and a more pliable wax to help you shape your mustache or keep your whiskers out of your mouth. It’s long-lasting, doesn’t crumble, and has a light, natural scent of beeswax and cedar.

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Shaving Set

Shave Set - The Mod Cabin

Our shaving set is the perfect gift for men who change their facial hair styles regularly or go for a clean shaven look. We pride ourselves on making shaving products that work hard to nourish your face and prevent skin issues like ingrown hairs and dryness.

Our Shaving Set includes:

  • Shave Soap. What sets our shave soap apart from the rest? It’s the glycerin! Commercial soap-makers remove glycerin from soaps to use in other products. Because we keep glycerin in our soaps, they provide a totally different kind of shave: Instead of creating a huge lather, our hot-processed soap provides more slip than regular shave soaps, providing a completely smooth and moisturizing shave.
  • Shave Oil. Whether it’s used alone or underneath our shave soap, this oil provides a slick, hydrating barrier between skin and razor, eliminating irritation and nicks. It’s made with plant extracts, essential oils, and avocado oil for ultimate hydration and whisker softening.
  • Aftershave Balm. Made with ultra-rich shea butter, a little bit of our shave balm goes a long way to soothe and repair your skin after shaving. Bonus: It doubles as a face and neck moisturizer and is alcohol-free!

This 3-step system will banish razor burn and leave your skin hydrated and smooth.

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