All Natural Products from The Mod Cabin
Hard-working products made in small batches with all-natural ingredients? Yeah, these make awesome gifts for anyone on your list. ☀️ Made in Boulder County, Colorado

 Whether it’s for a close family member, friend, or colleague, getting the “right gift” during the holidays can be challenging. That’s why we’re big fans of buying gifts that can be used, that are sustainably and locally made, and that actually work.

Enter gifts from The Mod Cabin. Our customers rave about our beard kits and shaving sets, but we also offer stellar grooming products for the beardless!

Here’s a shortlist of our Favorite Mod Cabin Gifts for the Non-Bearded

Essential Lotion Bar - Unscented - The Mod Cabin

Lotion Bar

We made this lotion bar after struggling to find a product that would protect against Colorado’s dry climate. Its main ingredients -- all natural, unrefined shea butter and pure rice bran oil -- relieve dryness and hydrate skin, and unbleached beeswax prevents moisture loss and helps protect skin from the elements. It’s a magical combo that our customers swear is an ultimate healing salve for dry, rough skin. This small bar is long-lasting, easy to pop into your desk or bag, and as a solid bar, it’s easy to travel with. It comes in a reusable and recyclable tin, making this a great gift for green friends and family.
The best gift for...
  • Your green friends
  • Office mates
  • Anyone who suffers from dry hands in the winter

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Face Mud Scrub from The Mod Cabin

Face Mud

This amazing concoction makes your face feel like it just took a vacation. Our unique blend of all-natural ingredients including sea clay, almond meal, royal jelly, and essential oils work together to cleanse the skin, dissolve excess grease, and unclog pores in oily skin without stripping your skin of its natural oils. It’s a cleanser, gentle scrub, and mask all in one, and yes, our Mod Cabin Men love it!
The best gift for:
  • Anyone in need of an amazing moisturizer during winter
  • Those who work hard, get greasy, and need a good facial cleanser
  • Anyone who likes spoiling their face with stellar skin care products

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Parker SRX Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Straight Edge Razor

Straight Razor 

While plastic razors have given consumers the excitement of 3-5 razor blades and moisture-rich tabs, they’ve also given the world billions of pieces of non-recyclable plastic waste -- the EPA has estimated that in the U.S. alone, we waste up to 3 billion plastic razors each year. Couple that with the fact that you can spend $111 in a year ($2,000+ over your lifetime!) on plastic razors and cartridges and suddenly giving a second thought to an alternative doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Enter a straight razor. It provides an incredibly close shave, helping to eliminate nicks, cuts and skin irritations caused by shaving, and costs a small fraction of what plastic razors cost -- about $5/year or less. Get a quality straight razor at a great price on our store.

The best gift for:
  • Your significant other who hates plastic waste and/or wasting money
  • Your friend who was talking about trying a straight razor
  • Your hipster friends
Pairs great with our shave soap, shave oil, and aftershave balm.

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