With Valentine’s approaching we thought it would be helpful to talk about date night prep. We all know the success of a date starts with the connection between the two people sharing the date. And we all know there will be some factors out of your control on the date – the weather, the people nearby, an unexpected closure – whatever. However, the way you look and smell on date night is totally within your control.

This is where we come in. This, my friend, is what we do. All day. Every day. Our number one goal is to make you look damn good and smell even better. And not just on Valentine’s Day. So, let’s make it happen.

Here’s the breakdown…

Step 1 – Get in the shower.

Yup. We’re starting here.

Which of these next two actions you pick first is your choice, but make it count.

Shampoo: Pull your favorite Mod Cabin Shampoo Bar off the shelf and clean your hair. Just a few swipes over wet hair is all you need to make a rich lather.

Cleanse: Grab your favorite bar of Mod Cabin Soap , (mine is Honeysuckle. It can be yours too!). Lather up and get clean, (including your beard if you’re sporting one at the time). You’ll smell outstanding while also taking care of your skin.

Optional Step: For those of you shaving your face or head squirt a pump of Mod Cabin Shave Oil in your hands and apply to beard stubble or hair stubble. Bust out your Parker Safety Razor to clean up your face and/or head, using short strokes with the direction of your hair growth.

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Step 2 – Get out of the shower.


Beard: Before your beard or mustache dries completely, apply your favorite Mod Cabin Beard Balm and Oil to the entire length of hair, and massage into the skin beneath your beard. (My favorite is Miners Mint. It’s completely okay if that’s your favorite, too. It’s one of our best sellers). Then use your Kent Comb or Parker Brush to distribute that oil and balm throughout your beard and mustache.

Hot Tip: Leftover beard oil or balm on your hands? Don’t wash it off! Use it to moisturize your face, neck, or head if you shave it.

Moisturize: No one like scratchy skin on date night. Remove a Mod Cabin Lotion Bar from the tin and warm it up in your hands. Once it has warmed up apply to hands, elbows, and any dry skin you can find.

Step 3 – Final Approach!

Fragrance: The finishing touch on your Mod Cabin Date Night Prep is busting out our Solid Cologne and applying it in the best bang for the buck spots on your body. Think pulse points! Then slide that solid cologne tin in your pocket so you can reapply if you and that special someone decide to extended the date.

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Although we can’t guarantee these steps will lead to a “happily ever after” moment, we can guarantee our products will set you up for success.

The rest, partner, is up to you.