We pride ourselves on making all natural grooming products that work so well, our customers never go back to conventional products. But did you know that, just as our products are good for you, our packaging is friendly to the Earth?

Aside from using almost no plastic to house our products, all of our boxes and containers can be recycled, and many items can be reused. Here’s the lowdown on what to do with your Mod Cabin packages when you’ve used up the products.

Soap Boxes


Our soap and dry shampoo boxes are fully recyclable.

These paperboard boxes are just like your average cereal or tissue boxes and can be recycled in your curbside recycling bin. No need to rip off the sticker it’s not a contaminant in the bin. But flattening boxes is helpful in the recycling sorting process.


Dry Shampoo Boxes

Same as the soap boxes these can be recycled. In this case, it’s the design of our product that allowed us to make a greener choice with our packaging. Our shampoo is a solid bar, not a liquid, which eliminates the need for the plastic bottles that house your average liquid shampoos. Why is this so sweet for dear Mother Earth? Let’s put it this way: All the plastic that has ever been produced is still on the planet and will never/can’t ever go away, and oceans around the world will have more plastic than fish in them by 2050. So while we’re chucking plastic bottles in bins on a daily basis, our planet is choking on the stuff. Our shampoo proves that single-use plastic packaging like those for hair products don’t need to be the status quo. You can feel good knowing that, while you’re selfishly enjoying the amazingly-quick and full shampoo lather (that also smells amazing and also won’t dry out your hair), the planet is thanking you for not using plastic this time.


Glass Bottles for Beard Oil, Face Tonic, and Aftershave

Throw away plastic caps and pumps before recycling glass bottles.

These glass bottles are recyclable, but plastic pumps are not (throw them in the trash). Plastic caps should also go in the trash. Metal lids can go IN the recycling bin, but throw them in loose, not attached to bottles.

Did you know? Glass is a greener choice than plastic because it can be recycled repeatedly and endlessly without any degradation to the glass or end product. Plastic, on the other hand, actually gets downcycled, meaning it can be recycled a few times at most and eventually becomes remanufactured into a non-recyclable plastic product that will eventually make its way into the trash (oh, the irony). That’s why the best way to fight plastic is to avoid it all together.

Fun Fact: Glass recycling and beer go great together! When you recycle glass in our homebase of Boulder County, Colorado, the glass gets recycled locally and then remanufactured as Coors beer bottles in Golden.


Metal Tins for Balms, Pomades, Lotion Bars, and Solid Cologne

The Mod Cabin Beard Balm Sampler 3 Pack

Our balms, pomades, and solid colognes come in fully reusable and recyclable metal tins. Just be sure to use up all the product first.

These are all 100% recyclable thanks to trusty magnets that will pull these steel containers out during the sorting process at the recycling center. But before you recycle them, make sure you can’t reuse them first for pushpins at your desk or nails and bolts in your garage.

Have questions about recycling grooming products? Let us know in the comments.