There’s a lot we can’t do in the midst of a pandemic. But camping, and its awe-inspiring connection with nature, night skies, and electronics-free zones, make for not only great memories by yourself or with friends and family it’s also a scientifically-proven way to recharge your batteries and remember the good, simple things in life.

The key to a successful camping trip is not just light packing it’s smart packing. And while you may want to skip trimming your beard or shaving, coming out of the woods looking and smelling like Sasquatch won’t be good for anybody. Here’s our guide for camping toiletries and essentials that will help you feel fresh, clean, and ready for the next adventure, even if you’re planning a multi-day or weeks-long trip.


Shampoo Bars: Spill-Free Clean without ChemicalsHoneysuckle Shampoo Bar

If you come across a body of water or have access to running water, having bar soap with you on your camping trip is clutch it’s lightweight, spill-proof, and can tackle many areas. But as you’re enjoying the greenery, you’ll want to avoid the not-so-green soaps: cheap, conventional bar soap contains chemicals and detergents that can hurt local ecosystems. Go all natural with our essential-oil filled, botanical extract deep-cleansing bar that is multi-functional, too. A little bit of our shampoo bar goes a long way it suds up immediately with little water, and it triples as a body and face soap. It will leave you smelling great too.


Cleansing Oil: For a Low-Water, No-Rinse Clean

The Mod Cabin Cleansing Oil
Single-use, disposable shower wipes are all the rage right now for men who want to stay fresh out in the wilderness without showering, but factor in the plastic waste (and the fact you may have to carry it with you awhile until you can dispose of it safely), and it suddenly doesn’t seem like the best option. The experience of men being out in the elements is that of resourceful minimalism, so why are we clutching to the most uber-convenient (and wasteful) options?
Replace your trashy wipes with a bottle of our cleansing oil, a face towel, and a little water. We recommend applying the oil to your face (or whatever needs cleansing), and then wiping it clean with a moist towel. Repeat until all your parts are clean and give your towel a rinse with a little soap if it starts getting funky. While it may seem counterintuitive, the cleansing oil really does clean your skin and won’t clog your pores its all natural oils are a close match to the natural oils on your skin and work to gently cleanse the pores by grabbing and pulling out dirt stuck in them. When you wipe away, you leave your face hydrated and clean, but not dried out, making it an excellent choice for men with dry skin, camping in dry climates, or winter camping trips.

Beard Balm: A Great All-Around Moisturizer

The Mod Cabin Backwoods Beard Balm with Canvas Pouch
Our solid beard moisturizer will keep your beard nourished and less likely to get brittle from the harsh elements, and it won’t spill in your bag. Packed with natural hydrating ingredients like argan and jojoba oils, it’s great for keeping the skin under your facial hair nourished, as well as your neck, face, and any other body part that needs a little extra care.


Lotion Bar: For Chapped Skin and Post-Climb Care

Essential Lotion Bar - Unscented - The Mod Cabin
We hear frequently from #modcabinmen who climb that our solid Lotion Bar is the perfect remedy for chapped, moisture-starved hands after a climb. With shea butter to hydrate and beeswax to protect, it’s a perfect light-weight tag-along for climbing trips and cold weather camping, too. When you’re done with it, store small essentials in its reusable tins, like fishing lines or first aid supplies.
What Mod Cabin products do you love to camp with? Let us know in the comments.