MEN: It's time to talk about your bar soap. Is it drying out your skin? Do you need a better shaving soap? Do you want something natural but also effective?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have ONE solution for you: All natural, old-school, hot-processed bar soap. We are Real Soap lovers here at The Mod Cabin, and we -- and hundreds of our customers -- are convinced our natural soap is the BEST. Here’s why.

Why our All-Natural Soap is the Best Soap for Your Face, Beard and Skin

Soap Pack for Body Beard and Shaving
Our natural, multi-purpose, won't-dry-you-out beard, body, and shaving soap.

It won’t dry you out.

Our natural men’s soap is made with a not-so secret ingredient: Glycerin. It acts as a humectant for your skin, preserving its moisture and preventing dry-out. Conventional soaps contain detergents that strip your skin and hair of their natural oils. They are also devoid of glycerin, which manufacturers remove for use in their more profitable lotions and creams.

It will prevent beard itch.

Because we keep the glycerin IN our soaps, our men’s soap won’t just wash your beard -- it will also moisturize the skin underneath, preventing itchiness and flaky skin.

It’s a killer shaving soap.

Our bar soap lathers up beautifully, providing you with a superior slip for a close shave. It leaves your face hydrated and smooth.

It’s free from harmful and unsustainable ingredients.

Made with only a handful of all natural ingredients like vegetable oils, lye, and essential oils, you don’t have to worry about artificial irritants or fragrances. All of our scents are created with unique, organic essential oil blends, and we never use palm oil, SLS, or artificial fragrances. Our hot-process allows the soap and its healing properties to retain their potency, something often lost in conventional or cold-processed soaps.

Types of Natural Soaps 

Carl Smelling The Mod Cabin Soap
We use the same tried-and-true old-world process for all our soaps, but depending on your needs, we do offer slightly different varieties.

Birch Tar soap, for sensitive or troubled skin

This one has a bit of a cult-like following among the men who use our products. It’s made with naturally-sourced plant extracts and wild harvested birch tar essential oil. Its smoky aroma is reminiscent of a campfire with a scent just as comforting: full bodied, no undertones, and no subtlety. An incomparable and uncompromising natural scent.

Soaps scented with essential oil blends

Our most popular scents for men are Miner’s Mint and Amber. Our more neutral/floral scents are Honeysuckle and Sweetheart.

Essential Soap, unscented, for the purist

All the good stuff, scent-free. Great for sensitive skin or the fragrance-sensitive.
We hope you give our natural soaps a shot -- we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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