Valentine’s Day is a great time to jumpstart your grooming game, and we’ve got the basics covered for how to make you irresistible to your mate.

You may know us for our best-selling beard oils, but our shop runs the gamut on top-shelf beauty... ahem... grooming products for men. Here’s the rundown on what you need to get handsome AND spend some self-care time with the S.O.

Couple cuddling outside at night
Our Sweetheart line is scented with balsam, vetiver and cinnamon for a woodsy, sensual scent. The perfect scent for impromptu cuddle sessions.

Got a face? Do the works: Trim, Tidy, and Soften

Got a beard?

Trim those stray hairs and shape that bad boy. Use beard oil to soften it and beard balm to make it look fuller and thicker. Shave those cheeks and neck (you know, as much as you need and want to. But think about this for a second and reference the all-knowing Web if you need inspiration.)

Got a ‘stache?

Use our old fashioned (but new fashioned in that all natural, no-weird-stuff way) moustache wax to tidy up your whiskers and create clean, polished lines.

Got stubble?

Sandpapering should not be part of (most people’s?) sexy time. Soften your stubble with our stubble oil. Ok, you got us, it’s actually our beard oil, but trust us, you need this stuff for your stubble. It works wonders.

Got skin blotches, acne, or other skin issues?

Use our Birch Tar Soap. It’s naturally-occurring medicinal properties will leave your skin clear. It will leave you smelling like a big hunky cabin man, too.


Got a long manly mane?

Use our styling clay to de-frizz and provide a textured, polished hold.

Got a short mane?

Use our pomade to look like a sexy greaser (who’s not actually greasy at all. Well, unless you need grease for a very different reason on Valentine’s Day. Rawr).

Got stench?

Try our solid cologne for subtle, masculine scents that are travel-friendly, all natural, and not tested on animals (which is like, extremely rare for cologne).

Don't do this. It's not cute.

Couple Stuff

Spa day with the wifey/partner/girlfriend/boyfriend sound daunting? Don’t let it be. Here are a few very basic ways you can have a sensual, loving, sexy at-home spa night with all natural products your S.O. will love (and be totally impressed by).

Face Mud: Slather on some face mud and let it sit like a mask for 10 mins for an ultimate (innocent) facial.

Sensual Soap-Up: Use one of our glycerine rich, hot processed soaps like honeysuckle or sweetheart for a luxurious lather up that will leave you both smelling scrumptious.

Lovey Lotion-Up: Use the lotion bar to soften your partner’s elbows, knees, and knuckles. Rub it on your S.O.’s heels after a hot bath while giving a deep foot massage, leaving their feet hydrated, smooth, and cared for.

Do it.

Put a little effort into caring for you this Valentine's day and watch your partner give a little care right back.

Does your partner swoon over your Mod Cabin products? Let us know in the comments.