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Moustache Kit



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Our Moustache Kit comes with our firm Moustache Wax #1, and our pliable Moustache Wax #2, a Kent hand-crafted, fine tooth moustache comb that fits perfectly in your pocket, and our Essential (unscented) Beard Oil to keep that 'stache moisturized and healthy.

This 3 step grooming routine will keep your moustache healthy and looking great.

All Natural. Hand Crafted. Cruelty Free.


Beard Oil. 1 oz.
Moisturizes skin and conditions moustache to prevent itchy, irritated skin and dry, brittle facial hair.

Moustache Wax #1 & #2. 1 oz. ea.
Style your 'stache and secure any unruly hairs. Kit includes extra firm and pliable moustache wax.

Moustache Comb. 2.8".
Fine teeth help distribute moustache wax evenly through your 'stache. Small enough to carry in your pocket for midday grooming.

1. Beard Oil Jojoba, Argan Oil, and Essential Oils. 2. Moustache Wax Unbleached Beeswax and Lanolin 3. Moustache Comb Hand crafted, saw cut, fine tooth Kent moustache comb.

Naturally Inspired Scents

Most grooming products contain synthetic fragrances, containing hundreds of undisclosed chemicals. We formulate our products using only healthy, natural ingredients that everyone can use, with scents inspired by the outdoors. Our naturally inspired scents are crafted and derived from essential oils and do not contain parabens or phthalates. The essential oils contained in our products are diluted to be safely used on your skin and hair. Our hope is that people feel a little closer to nature while using our products during their daily grooming routine.



Birch Tar
Caution! Tar soap has a very powerful aroma similar to a campfire but leaves behind a subtle smokiness and a clean, rugged scent.

Crisp and woodsy with cedar and fir essential oils.

Cedar and smoky birch tar forge a formidable masculine aroma.

Amber Resin
Sweet. Warm. Resinous. Natural tree resins give this soap its light amber scent.

Tobacco & Leather
An earthy aroma of sweet tobacco and leather-bound books.

Miner’s Mint
A substantial musky, masculine aroma with hints of refreshing spearmint and sweet, heady bourbon. One of our most popular fragrances, that harkens back to more traditional men’s cologne, without the chemicals.

Sweet. Intoxicating. Floral. Enjoy the heady aroma of honeysuckle blossoms.

Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt begins with a blast of energizing spearmint when first applied, then slowly mellows to the warm, citrus scent of bergamot leaving a balanced, masculine scent behind.

A warm, sensual scent your sweetheart will love to snuggle up to. Balsam, vetiver and cinnamon are some of the essential oils we used to create an aroma that’s a little woodsy, a little musky, and a whole lot sexy.

Winter Frost (Seasonal Only)
With warm, woodsy notes of balsam fir and cedar, spicy nutmeg, and crisp top notes of peppermint you’ll want to wear this all winter long.

Bonfire (Seasonal Only)
Your scent journey begins with a burst of smokey birch tar that envelopes your senses. The scent quickly mellows revealing the woodsy aromas of cedar and balsam, and subtle top notes that foreshadow autumnal crispness. If you enjoy our Birch Tar line, the complexities we’ve layered together with Bonfire are definitely for you.

Refreshing and invigorating. The crisp aroma of spearmint and juniper unite with bottom notes of vetiver and clove to form an energizing, masculine scent.

Essential (Unscented)
Our Essential products are crafted without any scent added but may have the subtle aroma of the natural butter and oils that the products are crafted from.

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Moustache Kit

Moustache Kit