Beard and Hair Detangling Comb

Beard and Hair Detangling Comb


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Treat your beard and hair right with this hand crafted detangling beard comb from Kent! This comb has a double row of wide teeth which are curved to help the comb slide more easily through tough knots without snapping or breaking the hair follicle. Use on wet or dry hair. Excellent after bathing when hair is wet and most vulnerable to breakage. Our handmade Kent beard combs are saw cut and hand polished for the gentle, non-scratch treatment of hair and face. 7 5/8″ long.

  • Hand crafted and saw cut
  • Flexible and strong
  • Double row of curved teeth for gentler detangling
  • Beveled and hand polished to ensure scratch free use

Why do we love Kent handmade combs? They are saw cut, and then hand polished to create soft rounded teeth that will not damage your hair or skin. They are made from cellulose acetate, a non-petroleum based plastic derived from plants that has been found to create less static in hair. These smooth teeth stimulate the natural oils inside the hair cuticles as your hair is combed, and it is this oil that encourages the cuticles on each hair to lie flat creating strong, healthy, shiny hair.

Why is a handmade comb better? A non-handmade comb is known as an injection moulded comb. They have very sharp teeth which damage the hair cuticle, and ultimately cause split ends.

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