We've recently released two new beard oils; Vagabond & Stirner to go along with our original Gunbarrel Grooming Oil.

Gunbarrel, Vagabond and Stirner Grooming Oils

So what exactly is grooming oil and how can it help your beard? Grooming oil moisturizes and strengthens your beard hair, helps keep the skin under your beard from getting irritated and gives your beard a fuller, healthier appearance overall.

We use equal amounts argan, jojoba and coconut oils in all our grooming oils. The argan oil; often referred to as "liquid gold" by hair experts, penetrates facial hair pores where it enhances elasticity and stimulates beard growth. The natural antioxidants and vitamin E in argan oil strengthen your beard by repairing the damaged cellular membranes of your facial hair while also repairing damage done by synthetic chemicals found in most store bought soaps, shampoos and conditioners.

The jojoba moisturizes your facial hair and gives dry, brittle beards a healthy, moisturizing shine. Jojoba is known to reduce hair loss and treat skin problems under your beard like dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema.

The coconut oil is rich with triglycerides that act as antimicrobial agents to protect your beard from microbial action that is responsible for facial hair loss.  Because it does not break down or evaporate easily, coconut oil has a high moisture retaining capacity that prevents moisture from escaping, leaving your beard moistened and soft. This prevents breakage and split ends.

All three of our grooming oils are scented with pure essential oils. Our Gunbarrel grooming oil is scented with cedar and fir needle essential oils, giving your beard a woodsy yet refreshing scent. Our inspiration for the name comes from the unincorporated part of Boulder County, Colorado, known as Gunbarrel, that we pass on our way up to the mountains. As soon as we hit Gunbarrel we know we will soon be in high elevation forests filled with cedar and fir trees. Gunbarrel seemed like the perfect name.

Our Vagabond grooming oil is scented with 100% pure, sustainable Australian sandalwood with a touch of light patchouli essential oil. The rich, musky scent was inspired by  real life vagabonds like Woody Guthrie and fictional vagabonds like Huck Finn who were not content to accept the lot given them and defied tradition by setting out on adventurous journeys of discovery and exploration and occasionally even engaged in a little mischief and insurrection.

woody guthrie playing with friends

Last but not least, our Stirner grooming oil, made with pure essential oils of vetiver and juniper berry is named after possibly the most misunderstood philosopher ever - Johann Kaspar Schmidt, AKA Max Stirner.  Max Stirner annihilated the foundations of all Ideologies by utilizing his own brand of immanent and transcendental critique to create his own critical self theory. Max Stirner's - Der Einzige; non-reified, uniquely lived experience is the primary motivation for this unique yet powerful scent.

Regardless of which scent you are drawn to, The Mod Cabin's grooming oils are sure to cultivate your beard's uniqueness and leave you looking and feeling empowered.