The Mod Cabin has been around since 2010, and as our beards grow longer we have struggled to find effective ways to detangle them. After much searching we have finally found a beard comb worthy of putting on our site. It is the same comb we use to detangle our own beards. We are proud to introduce The Mod Cabin's sawcut beard detangler comb made by the fine folks at Kent.

This handmade masterpiece has a double row of wide, curved teeth that are perfect for detangling facial hair, and will even pass gently through wet hair. Other beard combs tend to have almost razor sharp teeth, which damage whiskers and cause split ends. Each tooth of our detangling beard combs are expertly hand cut with specially made circular saws, then profiled, beveled and polished on special pumice wheels that provide excellent facial hair penetration without damaging your beard or scratching your face like some other combs will.