With winter fast approaching, your boyfriend, husband, or significant other is probably considering cultivating the dandy wildman or lumbersexual look. If your man is like most, his desire to pull off the look probably exceeds his knowledge on how. Don't worry; The Mod Cabin is here to help! Here is everything you need to know to make sure your man looks like a dandy vagabond, not a homeless one.

Step 1:


For the first four weeks he needs to let it grow. This will expose any patchy areas or unexpected opportunities for beard styles. He will undoubtedly get itchy during this period. Which is why he needs to keep store bought shampoos and styling gels as far away from his facial hair as possible. Advise your man to wash his face with an all-natural hot processed soap like The Mod Cabin's Amber Resin or Birch Tar soap. After he has properly washed his new facial hair, he should apply a jojoba and argan based beard oil to hydrate the skin and hair follicles and prevent itching and redness. Its a good rule of thumb to avoid beard oils containing grapeseed oil or coconut oil as they tend to become rancid and some men have a chemical reaction to these oils which leaves their beards smelling musty.

Step 2:


Find a good beard barber like The Scotch Pine in Seattle. Don't just go to any barber shop, ask them specific questions and see how they answer. If they don't know how to trim and style facial hair it will become abundantly clear very quickly. If you can't find a beard barber in your area contact us and we should be able to point you in the right direction. We work with beard barbers all over the world. We probably work with a beard barber in your area, if not, we most likely can find one.

Step 3:


Once your man has his look down he needs to maintain it. Regardless of style or length, advise him to wash his facial hair 3 to 4 times a week with an all-natural hot processed beard soap. This will keep his beard properly hydrated and remove dead skin cells and hair follicles without stripping his beard of the natural oils his body produces that are vital to a dapper looking beard. One thing the beauty industry doesn't want you to know is that most synthetic shampoos and styling products strip beards of their natural moisture. Whatever regimen you and him decide on should be based on the oil cleansing method. All of The Mod Cabin's beard, shaving and skincare products are based on the oil cleansing method.

Once his beard has some length, encourage him to invest in a good boars hair beard brush and beard comb. The brush will evenly distribute the oils through his facial hair and the comb will help detangle his facial hair, keeping it neat and clean.

With this information your man is well on his way to cultivating your preferred facial hair style.