I sat there watching this thing get torn apart piece by piece. It lost its shape.. then all its guts spilled out. Rattled and disassembled, its broken down pieces slowly washed away in a drain...

No, I wasn’t watching reruns of The Walking Dead. I was watching a gif of a virus being destroyed by soap.

Why Soap Kicks Virus A**

We’re Soap Lovers here at The Mod Cabin and naturally, when soap is called upon in the fight for public health we sit in awe of our old-fashioned, homemade wonder and think, how exactly does soap kill viruses, especially one as contagious as the novel coronavirus (AKA SARS-CoV-2)?
Why it may seem like a bigger and badder virus, in terms of molecular structure, it’s not any more “powerful” than other virus strains. Soap’s strength lies in how it ultimately pinpoints and breaks down this molecular structure piece by piece, rendering the virus effectively useless.

Unlike Tiger King, who shoots pointlessly at nothing in a pond, soap "shoots" with absolute precision at every element of a virus to ultimately f*ck it up from all angles.

How does soap fight viruses better than hand sanitizer?

Unlike hand sanitizer you slather or spray, soap requires rinsing, a key step that serves to protect you yet again by taking those virus particles away from your hands and into your drain. Soap also lifts off any dirt particles where the virus may be clinging.

So, how does soap rip a virus to shreds?

The answer lies in soap’s dual-nature chemical makeup. On one side of a soap particle, you have “degreasers” that pinpoint and wreck “greaseballs.” As it turns out, viruses are basically “nano greaseballs” (according to this professor and chemist) and are easily wrecked by these degreasers (as long as you wash your hands for 20 seconds or more). On the other side of the soap particle, you have “water-lovers” that are attracted to water particles. This is the side that takes those grease chunks and pushes them into the water flow and down the drain.
Put the two sides together and you have a 2-headed virus killer.

Soap: The Two-Headed Virus Killer (artistic rendering completely fictional)

This is a lot of kicking ass for something that was created probably by accident and is now made by us, by hand, using the same processes used to make soap over millennia ago.

Soap: Even More Awesome than We Realized ?

We’re plugging away as fast as ever handcrafting the soaps you know and love and will continue to do so as we hunker and do our best to stay positive in these unprecedented times.

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Did you know?

You don’t need to use antibacterial soap to ward off harmful germs! In fact, the FDA recommends not using antibacterials soaps because they are not shown to be any more effective than regular, age-old, virus-killing soap.