Spring is here and The Mod Cabin has all you need to keep your beard healthy and groomed during the warmer months.

Spring Cleaning


Spring brings warmer temperatures, causing increased sebum production, meaning its more important than ever to keep your facial hair clean and deodorized. We recommend avoiding synthetic shampoos that strip your beard of natural oils, and opting instead for an all natural soap or a cleansing oil. These alternatives to store bought shampoos  will keep your beard clean and deodorized without stripping it of necessary nutrients.  The Mod Cabin's Honeysuckle Soap is a great all around option that will clean and deodorize your beard without irritating your skin. That great thing about The Mod Cabin's soaps is their multi-use - you can use them on your hair, beard and entire body. You can also use The Mod Cabin's Cleansing Oil for both your beard and face, and is a less drying alternative to soap and shampoos. Whichever you choose is a matter of personal preference. Either way you can't go wrong with The Mod Cabin.

To Trim Or Not To Trim


Some men choose to trim their beard during the Spring. You can use a beard trimmer or find a good barber near you that is skillful at beard trims. If you're doing it yourself it's important to follow some guidelines regarding where you shave around your beard. You can find some recommendations for beard barbers in the comments section of our thread on Beard Oil for Fast Beard Growth.

Toning It Down

Increased humidity in the Spring may mean that you need to use less beard oil and beard balm then you would during the colder months. This varies on climate. If you live in the Colorado Rockies you probably still want to use a good amount of beard balm and oil. If you live in South Florida you may want to experiment with cutting down on the amount of beard oil you use daily during the warmer months and use beard balm a little more sparingly. Your climate, activity level and genetics can all play a part in how much or how little you use, and a lot of guys continue to go with their full Mod Cabin beard regimen year round. Experiment to see what works best for you.

Lighten Up

Wanderlust_Beard_OilSpring is a great time to experiment with scents, as well. In the winter, heavier scents like Miner's Mint or Gunbarrel may be your favorite, but you may find Honeysuckle or Wanderlust are better options in Spring because of their light, refreshing scents. We recommend using our beard oil sampler and beard balm sample packs to mix and match and create your own scent profile. Then again, you may prefer to stick to your same signature scent year round. Whatever you choose, happy Spring and BEARD ON from The Mod Cabin!