The Mod Cabin is very proud to sponsor UFC fighter "Thug" Rose Namajunas; who we believe to be the best strawweight WMMA fighter on the planet. You can see her fight in The Ultimate Fighter 20 beginning on September 10th 2014 on FOX Sports 1. The winner of TUF 20 will be crowned the first ever UFC strawweight champion.

Rose recently took a quick break from training to talk to us.

Rose-Namajunas-The-Mod-Cabin-Logo See Rose Namajunas on The Ultimate Fighter 20 on FOX Sports 1


TMC  Some of your older interviews discussed how you dealt with nerves before a fight as an amateur. How have you started dealing with nerves differently as your career progresses?

RN The nerves never really have gone away as a matter of fact the pressure only increases more the longer I do this and the higher I climb and there is nothing you can do about it but accept that you are just going to be nervous and keep moving forward. 

TMC  With only 3 pro fights, some people may look at your record and call you inexperienced when you did have an undefeated amateur career before it. You're also one of the youngest fighters in the history of Ultimate Fighter. How have you dealt with people telling you're too inexperienced, or maybe even too young to be at this high of a level?

Rose Namajunas after her first pro victory


RN I take it as a compliment and use it as motivation to keep defeating the odds. 

TMC  Much of the success in women's MMA can be attributed to Invicta, and its growth in such a short time. How have organizations like Invicta and people like Shannon Knapp helped change the landscape for female fighters in your eyes?

RN Shannon Knapp gave us female fighters a platform to showcase our talent like no one has ever done before. She marketed us spectacularly and legitimized female mma as a whole.  Aside from the business aspect she is the type of person you just get a good vibe from, just an overall good person. 

TMC Unlike previous TUF seasons, all of the announced participants know each other, and in many cases, have already fought each other. How do you think this changes the dynamic in that you know most of the people going into that house with you?

RN It doesn't matter who I am in the house with. 

Rose-Namaunas-Warming-Up Rose Namajunas warming up


TMC  The TUF 20 coaches were announced as Gilbert Melendez, and Anthony Pettis, who you previously trained with at Roufusport. How excited are you to get in there knowing that one of your coaches could be somebody that already knows some of your strengths well?

RN Anthony is a former teammate of mine and I think our styles match up more similarly than with Gilbert but I'm a fan of his too and what he's done in the sport do I'd be content either way.

TMC  There are still 5 openings that will be filled through the TUF tryouts. Who have you got your eye on out there as possible TUF housemates and possible competition?

RN I've got my eye on myself and that's it. 

Rose Namajunas


 A few non fight things...some of which center around Pat Barry.

TMC We've noticed you and Pat are into low budget horror B-movies. What film recommendations do you have for our readers?

Pat Barry and Rose Namajunas Pat Barry and Rose Namajunas


RN It's not a film but a Chris D'Elia stand up special watched just recently made me laugh nonstop during the whole thing!

TMC  You two have been deemed one of MMA's power couples, and people have nicknamed you "Rosebarry" ala Bennifer, or Brangelina. Are you guys alright with this nickname, or have you got a better suggestion?

RN Sounds good to me!

TMC What type of products do you think the Mod Cabin should make to mesh Thug Life and Beard Life coming together?

RN The products you guys have already are amazing! A body scrub or lotion would be great.

Rose-Namajunas-Using-Coal-Creek-Cleansing-Mud-From-The-Mod-Cabin Rose Namajunas using Coal Creek Cleansing Mud from The Mod Cabin


TMC Can Pat grow a beard? (LOL...had to throw in that last one.)

RN Hah! I don't think so...well anything is possible!

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