We're introducing a new series showcasing some of the interesting and varied men we've met here at The Mod Cabin. Our first featured Mod Cabin Man is professional MMA fighter, and all around awesome guy, Craig Eckelberg!

Hey, guys! It’s fellow Mod Cabin Man, and leader of #beardnation, Craig Eckelberg! I am a professional MMA fighter training out of Roufusport MMA Academy in Milwaukee, WI. My current pro record is 8-4 (4 sub/3 KO), and I'm working to climb my way to the top!


How did you get into fighting?
I grew up wrestling in Tomah , WI before wrestling in college at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, where I graduated in 2011. After graduation I moved to Milwaukee to begin my job at Harley-Davidson Motor Co., and that is when I found Roufusport and realized you could throw kicks/punches/submit people while wrestling? Sign me up!

What's your fighting style?
I am a fight finisher - every time I step in the cage I am looking to finish the fight and end it as quickly as possible!

Favorite part of fighting?
There is nothing like the adrenaline rush of walking to the cage and having that door close behind you knowing you are going to get into a fist fight!

I also love the amount of hard work that goes into it - every day is a grind and I live for it.

What are your fighting goals?
To be in the UFC and become a champion!

What's life outside the cage like?
I live in Milwaukee with my awesome wife, Ashley, and our labradoodle, Harley AKA The Curly Haired Gangster. When I am not training or coaching I am spending time with them enjoying the outdoors or on my Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

You had a pretty devastating life changing event. Can you tell us about it?
My brother and best friend, Tyler, passed away in a car accident in March of 2015. That day changed my life forever and opened my eyes that life can change at any moment. Words do not do justice to the type of brother Tyler was, but I carry him with me everywhere I go, and when I step in the cage the world sees his initials TJE across my chest. When I turned professional I told Tyler one day our names would be on the water tower in our small town of Tomah, WI where we grew up. I fully intend to leave a legacy for my family and keep that promise.

Another life-changing event came in January 2017, I left my job at H-D to chase my dream and train full-time! Scary and excited are emotions I felt at that time, but I could not be more proud to forego temporary comfort and prove that I am serious about my fight career and where I intend to go.

No matter what your circumstances are and how bad life can seem, always remember that you have the ability to make a difference in others lives! When people look at me and see my journey/hear my story I want them to say “Why not me?” And go chase their own dreams!

What are your Mod Cabin essentials?
Soap: Amber Resin and Honeysuckle
Beard Oil: Gun Barrel, Honeysuckle, Sweetheart and when in season Bonfire!
Beard Balm: Tobacco and Leather, Sweetheart, and Backwoods.
And of course can’t forget the Boar's Hair Brush!

If I am on a trip my  go-to’s are to always have Mod Cabin Beard Oil and Brush with me.

What does it mean to be a Mod Cabin Man?
Being a Mod Cabin Man means to me that you are someone who works hard, is working to have a positive influence on the world, and isn’t afraid to take chances in life - plus having a sweet beard helps.

What's your life motto?
Work Hard, Have Fun, and Be A Leader

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