Whether you ultimately want to grow a Wyatt Earp handlebar moustache or capitalize on the growing minimalist moustache trend, this guide from The Mod Cabin will teach you how to master your moustache in the beginning stages.


Growing Your Moustache

There are a plethora of moustache styles out there but there are some moustache basics that apply to all. Perhaps that's why people are often surprised by our first recommendation - drink water! That's right, All the moustache growing tips in the world will fail if you are dehydrated. Think of hydration as a prerequisite for healthy facial hair growth. Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. You may also want to look at a biotin supplement which can be purchased at most health food stores.

Exfoliating and Moisturizing

Exfoliating is another overlooked aspect of growing a moustache. Exfoliating simply means scrubbing off the dead skin that prohibits the conditions for healthy moustache growth. Wash the skin under your nose with an all-natural soap and scrub it good with an all-natural face mud once or twice a week before growing out your 'stache.

You can let the rest of your facial hair grow out as your moustache fills in or you can shave it. The choice is yours.

The skin around your moustache is prone to get dry, prohibiting healthy moustache growth. That is why it is extremely important to moisturize, scrub and condition in order to grow a thick, healthy moustache. Use beard oil to condition your moustache after washing your face, and use beard balm to lock in the moisture and make your moustache appear thicker. Make sure your beard oil contains unbleached jojoba and 100% pure argan oil. These two ingredients have proven to be the best oils for healthy facial hair growth and maintenance.

Once you have enough facial hair growth that you begin to itch; celebrate! You're rocking a bona fide moustache!

Pro Tip; use extra beard oil to soothe the itch.

Time To Trim

Now its time to carve out your own moustache shape by trimming any unwanted facial hair around your chin and cheeks. You'll need moustache scissors, a steady hand and a little patience. Wash your face with all-natural soap to soften your skin and facial hair.

Pro Tip; birch tar soap is great for sensitive skin and has been known to work wonders on facial hair.

Pat dry with a towel. Brush your moustache hair straight down using a fine tooth saw cut comb. We recommend a saw cut moustache comb, because the fine teeth provide more control.

Carefully trim your moustache along the line of your lip making sure to hold your trimming scissors even with the top of your lip. Simply follow the shape of your lip to shape the bottom of your mustache. Avoid trimming above your lip.

Pro Tip: you want to be as steady handed as possible so avoid drinking a lot of caffeine before you begin.

Now use your scissors to trim any long, unruly hairs that may be sticking out from your moustache. Shave around the sides of your moustache if necessary. We highly recommend using a shave oil so that you can easily see what you're shaving. Comb through your moustache and make sure everything is even.

Use moustache wax to shape and style your 'stache. Using the back of your thumbnail, or the tip of your moustache comb, (some of our customers even use their pocket knives), scrape a small amount of wax from the tin and warm between fingers to emulsify. Apply with your fingertips and shape to your liking.

Pro Tip; warm wax with a blow dryer to make wax more pliable.

These beginner tips will get you well on the way to mastering your moustache. Check our blog for upcoming tutorials on creating moustache styles like the Handlebar, Chevron, English and more!