Every once in awhile we have the good fortune of stumbling across an excellent band totally out of the blue. Katie Kelly and the Charming Beards is one of those cases. I recently had the chance to listen to their album Three Dark Days after randomly reading a newspaper clipping about one of their upcoming shows.

Katie-Kelly-And-The-Charming-Beards-Band-Photo Katie Kellie and The Charmin Beards


I listened to the album simply because of the name of the band, and didn't have high expectations. I was pleasantly surprised to hear a beautifully haunting folk album. The lyrics are heart felt and deal with some very dark topics. It is clear that Katie Kelly pours her entire heart and soul into her music. I was blown away by the eerie melodies of Bless me Father and the lyrics:

Momma always told I was her least favorite sin
And if she had me to do over-
Wouldn't do me over again
Well I know I have a father
Sure, he ain't dead
But he got more than he paid for when he left my momma's bed

Some Kind of Lover is another highlight of this album, less eerie, more uniquely refreshing and honest. Lyrics like this stand out compared to the meaningless platitudes of most new music today.

No, I'm not some cool kind of lover
No, I don't get it all the time
Truth is I'm broke and lonely
And tired
Just a sap that counts kissing
And never learned the game
Maybe my haircut's not hip
I'm human

Katie Kelly and The Charming Beards album Three Dark Days can be purchased here. Like them on facebook here.