Among #Quarantinies, #Covidiots, and the need to #QuarantineAndChill, another bold coronavirus trend has emerged: #QuarantineBeards.
Yes, we’ve been championing the beard—and ultimate guides to caring for them—for a long time. But now that’s in the spotlight we wanted to share our ultimate guide for how to grow a healthy quarantine beard.

Worried about facial hair catching coronavirus? Don’t be!

Our Best Tips for Growing the Ultimate Quarantine Beard

quarantine beard style guide

First, You Must Cleanse (like, really get in there)

Use a natural soap with lots of glycerin to prevent your skin from drying out. Use your fingertips to exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells, which can block pores, create ingrown hairs and prevent fast beard growth.

Then, You Must Moisturize

You’re not afraid of a little moisture are you? No? Good. Because our #1 tip for preventing the 3 major spoils of growing a new beard (itchiness, dandruff—yes, on your face!, and dry, flaky skin) is using a *bombass beard oil EVERY DAY. It is a triple-boon: It softens stubble, moisturizes skin, and works as a cologne/aftershave to make you smell amazing.

*bombass is not an actual type of beard oil, and yet, this stellar stuff inspires us to call it such

Yes, the itch (and all that comes with the itch) can be a bitch, but not if you have amazing natural, awesome-smelling beard oil to help soothe that itchy flaky skin to health. Our oil is similar to the PH of sebum, the naturally-occurring oil your pores spew out on the regular. Our best-selling, Men’s Journal-approved beard oil is all-natural and will not only keep your skin nourished—it will also keep your pores happy, which will stimulate full beard growth and prevent ingrown hairs (what can’t this stuff do???).

Growing a 5 o’clock shadow? Check out our tips for maintaining beard stubble. 

A Little Patchy? No problem.

I know, I know, you don’t want no stinking patches. But trust us, LOTS of men, including plenty of celebrities, deal with patchiness.
Our solution? First, be sure to keep your stubble trimmed to the same length. This will give the illusion of a fuller beard, prevent it from looking scraggly, and will give the patchier parts time to fill in.

Is beard oil magical?? Kinda! Read about how it promotes beard growth here.

Quarantine Got You Down? Treat Yo Self with a Core Beard Kit

You need the right tools for every job. For this job of creating a new, gruff exterior, treat yo self with a Core Beard Kit. Our kit has more than 175 5-star reviews and everything you need to maintain your beard henceforth.

Call it a treat, call it essential—our fans call it “fantastic,” “nothing short of awesome,” and a “MUST BUY!!!!” (their caps and !!!!, not ours, though we do get really excited about our handmade products. Like, it never gets old. But still, I’m not going to dole out exclamation points like that. I can just hear my writing professor, “Use them sparsely! Almost never! See, I just used them twice because of how much I mean that! Three times now! No, seriously, cut out the multiple !!!!!!)

Got MAJOR patchiness? No worries! Just embrace one of the MANY styles available to you on this chart from the CDC.

Bless the CDC for inadvertently producing perhaps the most nuanced beard style guide to ever have existed.

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