The dandy wildman isn't merely a style. It is a way of life. In this article The Mod Cabin will teach you not only how to achieve the dandy wildman look, we will help you become the dandy wildman. Contrary to popular belief, the dandy wildman archetype isn't so much a contradiction as a paradox. This realization is your first step towards becoming the dandy wildman. If you try to project the image without becoming the substance, you will fail. In other words; don't look like the dandy wildman, be the dandy wildman.


A true dandy wildman values a neatly trimmed and well groomed beard. So trim your beard down and get rid of those split ends. To maintain the look, trim it once a week or find a good beard barber like Jazz Johnson at Rogue Haircut and Shave Parlour. If you are not familiar with any beard barbers in your area, contact The Mod Cabin and we will point you in the right direction.

Photo by Jazz Johnson | Rogue Haircut & Shave Parlour

Maintaining a healthy and well groomed beard requires some effort. But you wont need to spend hours in front of your mirror each night acquiring it. The key is finding the middle ground between a hard pomade and a synthetic styling gel. Look for a medium hold beard balm with all natural moisturizers and conditioners as well as all natural sealants. As a general rule, beard balms containing lanolin or petroleum jelly should be avoided. Balms containing these ingredients work well with longer, more rugged beards (Think of the proverbial lumberjack). But to be the dandy wildman you need something in between. (hint; balance is key when becoming the dandy wildman)

The Mod Cabin recommends a beard balm containing either jojoba or argan for moisturizing and conditioning and shea or beeswax for styling and hold. Our Backwoods, Essential, Honeysuckle and Tobacco and Leather beard balms all contain both unrefined jojoba, pure argan oil and unrefined shea and unbleached beeswax. All of these beard balms will keep your neatly trimmed beard soft and shiny as well as give you the light hold you need without going overboard. You could even say they will make your beard look dandy!

Tobacco and Leather and Honeysuckle Beard Balm

As far as the hair on your head goes, you want to strike a dialectical balance between Don Draper's gentleman's cut and Chris Cornell's grunge locks.

Now that we have the image down, lets get down to substance. For this is the key to truly pulling off the look.

What is a dandy wildman? Like we hinted at earlier, a dandy wildman combines the best elements of the 21st century Lumbersexual and the 20th century Mod. The dandy wildman keeps up with fashion without being ruled by it. You don't need to become a Jake Gyllenhaal clone. You need to become a well groomed version of yourself who is just as in touch with his civilized side as he is with his feral nature. A dandy wildman is just as comfortable in the board room as he is in the forest. So hone your professional skills while staying in touch with nature; finding this balance is key to becoming the dandy wildman.