What if we told you there was a magical food that both tasted amazing and would make your beard grow super thick and long? If you ate it people would comment on your beard everywhere you went and beard modeling contract offers would fill your inbox.

Well, unfortunately, we haven’t found that food…yet. However, if you find it, please email us.

Although a lot of hair and beard growth can depend on your age and the genetics your parents passed on to you at birth (long before you even considered growing an epic beard!), there are some changes you can make to your diet right now that can help promote hair and beard health, shine, and growth.

We’re not medical doctors or nutritionists over here at The Mod Cabin, but we've found some suggestions from the experts to not only improve your beard growth, but the health of your entire body.


Foods to consider adding to your diet:

Eggs- full of protein and biotin which are some of the most basic building blocks of hair.

Alfalfa sprouts - shown to boost testosterone which is directly related to thicker hair growth.

Drinking More Water - helps to clear your pores, and clean pores lead to healthy hair growth.

Oranges - Vitamin C is the key!  A deficiency in Vitamin C can cause hair loss or damage.

Lean Protein such as chicken and salmon have been shown to help your hair grow healthier and more shiny.

Whole Grains - the minerals found in whole grains improve circulation and keep your hair from thinning.

Foods high in zinc such as nuts and chickpeas won’t necessarily promote hair growth, but they can help to reduce hair loss.

Carbohydrates like sweet potatoes (high in beta carotene) can help with hair shine as well!



Things to consider avoiding or reducing:

Salt - too much salt in your diet can damage your hair follicles.

Sugar - too much white sugar can actually hinder your body’s ability to absorb protein and protein is needed for healthy hair and hair growth.

Smoking - aside from the many known unhealthy side effects, smoking can cause your capillaries to shrink - meaning less blood flow to your hair and skin.
As evident from this list, a diet that is healthy for your whole body is also good for your hair and beard.

Hopefully, these suggestions help you to maximize your beard and body's greatest potential!