Beards have become a permanent part of men's style. Just about every man will grow a beard at some point in his life. With that in mind The Mod Cabin will be producing a series of tutorials on different beard styles and how to achieve them.
While some men prefer a full beard, other guys are looking to rock a more minimalist style. For those men the  Balbo is a great option. The Balbo is a moustache/goatee hybrid that is easy to grow and maintain.
[caption id="attachment_10866" align="alignnone" width="939"]Balbo-Beard-Style-Sketch-From-The-Mod-Cabin The Balbo is a great style for all seasons for those who prefer a minimalist approach to facial hair.
We asked professional beard stylist and 2014 L'Oreal colour trophy finalist Simon Townley about the history of the balbo style and how to best achieve and maintain it.

Professional beard stylist Simon Townley
The Balbo was a massive trend in the UK mainly due to celebrities like David Beckham. Most of this is done with a Wet Shave. Perfect for any man wanting to create the perfect jaw line; draw an imaginary straight line from under the bottom lip outwards to the end of the jaw and shave above the line to shape the face whilst leaving the moustache. The neck should be rounded lifting the head backwards and shaving a straight line from corner to corner.  Its a simple as that. Trim to desired length and style with The Mod Cabin Beard Balm.

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