Even the most low-maintenance beard needs a bit of upkeep from time to time, and much like the hair on your head, your beard will thrive when it's properly moisturized. Unlike the hair on your head, however, beard hair tends to be more coarse, so normal conditioner won't quite do. Beard conditioner not only helps to keep your beard soft, but can also promote hair growth to help it grow thicker and more evenly. For beginners to beard care, choosing the right beard conditioner can seem like an overwhelming task.



The most important aspect of choosing the right beard conditioner for you is simply your preference on a variety of factors. In terms of texture, you should consider what works best for you and best suits those preferences. Do you prefer a solid or a liquid beard conditioner? Would you be happier with something in between the two? Once you've decided what texture is best suited to your needs, you're able to narrow down your options significantly.


For the most part, beard conditioner products aren't heavily scented, but most will contain essential oils for both fragrance and beard benefit. Because your beard is situated so close to your nose, it's a good idea to avoid any products containing essential oils whose fragrances you hate. Generally, scented beard conditioners tend to have either a citrus or woodsy fragrance, and you'll want to choose a product which not only performs well, but also smells pleasant, since you'll be applying it to hair a few inches below your nose.


Are you allergic to a particular substance, or sensitive to certain additives? Make sure you check product information carefully when choosing a new beard conditioner to make sure you're not inadvertently buying a product you won't be able to use. At the same time, some ingredients impart specific characteristics to hair, and are used in beard conditioner products in order to help users achieve that effect. Are you looking for shine and softness? Jojoba and argan oil are ingredients to look for on the label or listed in the product information. Think about what you want your beard to look like and the characteristics you want it to have, then seek out the ingredients known for producing those effects.
With the right beard conditioner, you can elevate your facial hair style while making your beard softer and more manageable. Don't be afraid to try a few products before settling on one, either. Keep an open mind and give multiple products a test drive, then you'll be able to choose the conditioner you like best as a long-term product.